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Excellent Customer Service and Kitchen Hygiene Are Needed for Restaurants’ Success

Any business providing services to customers and clients is advised to pay attention to the quality of service they are providing and in a competitive market like the hotel and restaurant industry this is absolutely vital.

Business gurus generally advise that it is far easier and more cost effective to win more business from existing customers than to get new ones.

While the standard and quality of the food and drink are obviously essential in the hospitality industry because dining out is a non-essential activity it needs to try harder to win customer appreciation and loyalty.

Therefore it is important that all the company’s employees are behaving in a way that is not only efficient but also welcoming and responsive to customers’ needs or requests.

Staff need not only to be aware of what is expected of them but also to be trained in how to engage with customers to demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing them with the best possible service and experience.

It can be useful to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself how you would expect to be treated. What would make the experience memorable for you when you are eating out? Aside from the food how much does the environment matter?

Understanding, listening and acting are the three key ingredients to nurturing relationships with customers.

Offering them the chance to make suggestions can help a business to innovate but will also signal to the customer that their feedback is important. The outcome may also provide some great testimonials that the business can use in its marketing.

This is all helpful to ensuring that your restaurant or hotel stands out for its excellent catering and service but none of it will make any difference if the basics of food hygiene and kitchen cleanliness are neglected.

Consumers are increasingly well educated about the importance of food hygiene and the Food Standards Agency’s promotion of its ratings system has meant that they are more likely to look for a hygiene certificate displayed at the entrance to the restaurant.

A regular kitchen deep clean is necessary to maintain the standards inspectors want to see and they will also want to see a written certificate that this has been carried out.

Using a professional cleaning company that has the right equipment as well as the highly trained operatives to carry out kitchen deep cleaning to the standards required by inspectors and is also able to provide the proper certification is rapidly becoming an essential part of activities needed to ensure that any place that is providing meals to the public can win the business that it needs to survive and prosper.

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