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The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Traditional Office Space

If you ask business owners, the traditional office space is still winning out of all office space types out there. However, other startups, especially creative agencies, hate the idea of a box-type cubicle for their workers.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional office space to look out for if you plan to rent a workplace.

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The Advantages

Less Distraction

Each worker has a personal space to do their jobs. They often have blocks or cubicles that will serve as the division for the employees. Since they have space on their own, they can focus on the primary job instead of chatting to the co-workers. Each cubicle is tall enough to keep you away from the distraction of people coming to and fro.

Secured Data

Since traditional offices have their internet connection, you will not worry about getting hacked by unknown sources. If there’s one malicious user who uses the same unit can compromise the data of one’s company or business.

In traditional offices, you don’t have to worry about this thing. Sometimes, the admin provides individual credentials or passwords to each employee.

Physical Security

In coworking spaces or other similar offices, let different types of people come and go. Most spaces have surveillance cameras or integrated alarm systems. However, sometimes these are not enough.

Traditional offices only have specific members to come to the office, and they have identification cards. The office also hires security guards to secure the premises.

More Access to Parking Lots

When you rent a traditional office, they are providing parking lot space for you and your employees. It is part of your monthly payment, so your employees will not find it hard to park their private vehicles.


When you rent out a place as a traditional office, some landlords let the renter customize the office according to the business niche. You can change the branding, furniture, and designs.

The Disadvantages

Maintenance Cost

When you rent a traditional office, you will be the one to cover the maintenance and maintenance staff cost. You need to hire a cleaner or other part-timers to help with other non-office works.

Large Investment

If you run a startup company or your business is under trial and error, you need to think twice before renting out a large vicinity or traditional office for your members. The cost of renting out this type of office is a huge amount. Choose a traditional office if you are ready to take risks or confident enough that your business will skyrocket this year.

The Key Takeaways

Traditional office comes with advantages and disadvantages. All you have to do is to find the right balance. Once you find out the best choice for you, you’ll get better results in running your business.

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