What Business Can I Start From Home

Wondering what business can you start at home? How about butterfly – elegant and unique creation, their world is diverse and amazingly magnificent. The beauty of these magical creatures always fascinated people. But the butterfly is not only a lovely creature, with their help, but you can also create your own home business.

The biggest demand is tropical butterflies that are not only large but with unusual coloring.

For various celebrations (wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.) can be arranged a salute of live butterflies. This service has recently been offered by Event Agencies. The technology of the butterfly salute is simple. First 10-20 chilled insects carefully placed in a box. Chilled butterflies remain still. Then heat the box, butterflies come to life and an open box of rushing to a bright light. Can you imagine a wedding in the banquet hall, where guests will be among the beautiful flying butterflies? Also, you can arrange a photo shoot with butterflies.

The big downside to this business is the fact that the life expectancy of butterflies is a couple of weeks. By this, we must grow them to order. And the extra butterflies that are left and not claimed after death can be dried and made into a picture, which can be sold at any time.

For the organization of home business to grow butterflies, you need an insectarium – a special room for breeding insects. Ordering this insectarium will cost you from 800 to $ 1,500, depending on size and design. In this insectarium, you dilute up to 500 butterflies. If you make it colorful plants, waterfalls, and other decorative elements, the insectarium could be a very worthy decoration for office, apartment and entertainment center.

How much can you earn from selling butterflies

Pupae are 3 to $ 15 (they can be purchased over the Internet by e-mail). And the cost of the butterfly pupae $ 20-50.

For example, a mini-fireworks display only 3 butterfly wedding agency sells for $ 100. Salute of 11 butterflies placed in a festive gift box, is worth $ 250. Elegant card surprise costs $ 50. Thus, selling a few fireworks of 11 butterflies, you fully pay back all the equipment. Breeding butterflies – it’s not only beautiful but also very profitable home business.

After establishing a permanent market for butterflies can think of is to not grow butterflies namely breed them. For this, you need a greenhouse with a ceiling height of not less than 3 meters, and host plants for the caterpillars (without butterflies mate will not be). Now you yourself can become a supplier of dolls. Still wondering what business you can start from home?

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